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INTRODUCTION: Born in the remote village of Dorvo, and the sole known survivor of a mysterious demon attack on the settlement. After escaping the massacre, he was taken in by the hunter Okhto, and taught to fight and survive in the mountains. At the start of the story, he was living a rather reclusive and aimless life, until the reappearance of the same demons prompt him to embark on a quest for vengeance and truth. 

PERSONALITY: Rather antisocial and very private. He is a gifted fighter, yet he struggles with finding what he considers true strength. He secretly blames himself for not being able to save his family years ago.
   Knows more than the average person about shamanism because of his relationship with the Shamans of Thalfrenn, but never formally trained in the craft.


INTRODUCTION:  Like most daev, Yeomi was born a slave to humans. As a girl, Yeomi was bought by a traveling theatre, and she grew up with the small band of performers who always treated her kindly. After years of traveling with the theatre, Yeomi came to see them as family. However, one day while on the road, the monster that Kazimir and Iskel were tracking kills almost all of Yeomi’s companions. As a result, she joins Kaz and Iskel's journey for vengeance.

PERSONALITY: Focused, hardworking, and determined, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. As Yeomi was not raised to be obedient and submissive like most daev, she has a mind of her own, and acts on it; though her ideas may not always be the best.


INTRODUCTION:  Iskel was born with a curse that struck fear in the hearts of most people. After years of struggling with the difficulties of raising Iskel, as well as discrimination by the people of Alstad, Iskel's mother finally abandoned him. Soon after, Iskel met Kazimir, both bonding over being outcasts from regular society; and Kazimir has taken it upon himself to look after the boy.

PERSONALITY: Kindhearted, loyal, and fair-minded; but his predilection for compassion sometimes causes him to be too trusting in people. Due to years of training with Kazimir, he is hardier than he looks. Iskel yearns to reconnect with his mother, despite her abandonment.


INTRODUCTION: Ragniera "Ragna" is the junior shaman of Thalfrenn, a hermitage that belongs to a long line of powerful Ispoliyad shamans. Ever since the deaths of her mother and uncle, Ragna has been the sole heir to Thalfrenn, and grew up under the rigorous apprenticeship of her master shaman grandmother. She met Kazimir soon after he escaped Dorvo, and the two maintain a turbulent, on-and-off romantic relationship.

PERSONALITY: The Lordess of Sass. Incessantly bossy, so blunt she could be a mallet, with the temper of a rhino. Massively arrogant over her heritage, but backs it up with exemplary shamanic skill. Though she is experienced and skillful, her condescending attitude holds her back from making meaningful connections.

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