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FIENDISH Chapter 2.5: Survivor

Survivor is the first standalone one-shot to the main FIENDISH series, and follows Kazimir's journey after the destruction of Dorvo. 

After his hometown of Dorvo was destroyed, Kazimir is saved by the reclusive hunter Okhto and taken in as an apprentice. However, being Okhto's student is no easy task, and Kazimir is additionally tormented by the guilt of surviving the bloodshed that killed his family. Young Kazimir must discover how to overcome his trauma and, hopefully, find purpose in life again.

Campaign contents

Survivor contains 25 story pages and several pages of bonus material and process work. The campaign will feature similar stretch goals to the FIENDISH #1 and FIENDISH #2 campaigns, and all backers have a chance to get free trading cards, stickers, and prints, as well as upgrades to the book, if we reach our funding goals!

The Team

  Survivor was written by me, beautifully drawn by Michael Rushbrook, and is being colored by Jake Harold. And, at the time of campaign launch, the book is already 100% inked and being colored, so you're in good hands!

What will you get?

If you back the Fund My Comic campaign now, you have a chance at getting the black-and-white skullshield cover (only available for solo purchase for 24 hours), as well as a campaign-exclusive magnet. And all of our covers are campaign exclusive and will never be printed again!

Back now on Fund My Comic!

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