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FIENDISH 2 fulfillment update, 2.5 launching!

As many people are receiving their FIENDISH #2 books, here is a fulfillment update in more detail!

Critical Blast has been absolutely fantastic with shipping, and we are down to 477 individual packages left to ship, out of over 2300 unique backers!

A quick note is that we are shipping orders by weight class and not backing date, so no need to worry yet if you backed early but haven't received your order. Many of the orders we have left are either the big collector box tiers (Give Me Everything, Empire, Warlord), or orders with high customization (unique or rare add-on combinations). When your order ships, you should receive a tracking email from Critical Blast.

The 20 woodburning portraits are being shipped from me, and most of those will be going out next week, but I will probably have a couple of stragglers rolling into October. My apologies- original artwork takes time! But once those are out, we will be fulfillment complete on FIENDISH #2!!

FIENDISH #2.5 launching

In the meantime, I am happy to announce that FIENDISH #2.5: Survivor will be launching this Saturday (9/22)!

I was really hoping to hold off the launch until every single FIENDISH #2 order had shipped, but seeing as I will be busy with family for most of October, I simply can't wait any longer. I hope you all don't mind the overlap too much!

Survivor will be the first standalone story in the FIENDISH series, and will be a shorter campaign, set to fulfill in April. We're already done with the inks and are currently coloring the book, so things are moving fast with this one!

Be sure to sign up for the campaign via the sign up page, so you can get more detailed information and exclusive discount codes!

Thank you all for your continued support, and much love


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