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   FIENDISH is an independent fantasy comic by Irene Strychalski that merges influences from seinen manga, classical fantasy, and Lovecraftian mystery and horror.

   As a young boy, Kazimir was the sole survivor of a mysterious demon attack on his hometown of Dorvo. Years after fleeing the massacre, Kaz thought he had left his nightmares behind- until the same fiends resurface and kill again. Thus, along with several companions who had also lost their loved ones to the monsters, Kazimir sets out to revisit his past, uncover the truth behind Dorvo's downfall, and hopefully put an end to this fiendish infestation.

   As an avid fan of tabletop RPGs and fantasy novels, I created FIENDISH with the goal of telling an entertaining story within an immersive, worldbuilding-heavy, and original fantasy setting. And, thanks to the thousands of supportive customers and backers, FIENDISH has been a success so far!
  Each chapter of FIENDISH is first released via a crowdfunding campaign. After the crowdfunded print runs, the books will become available for regular purchase on the online shop here, and is then reformatted for digital release through our website passes or on other platforms.
  Jumping into creating FIENDISH was a huge risk at first, so I am grateful for every bit of support this comic has received. I love working on this project, so I hope you'll find enjoyment in it as well!

Take a look below to find out more about FIENDISH!

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