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     The Great Conflux is the meeting point of the three known major continents- Arvos, Diskara, and Taiya.
     On all continents, humans have become the dominant species, but many other sentient mortals share their lands. In Arvos, lumbering etun clans roam the mountainsides, while the violet-skinned daev serve as thralls to humans. In Diskara, the shadowy jinn, said to be distantly related to daev, lurk on the outskirts of society. In Taiya, many races of the shapeshifting yao cohabit with humans.


The conjoined continents of Arvos and Diskara each have their own distinct cultures, but have always been interconnected through trade and travel.
     With only the southern third of its landmass arable, Arvos has long been known of as the home of hardened folk who battle short to nonexistent planting seasons, forage in freezing mountains, and hunt mammoths on snowy plains. Due to its harsh environment, few powerful empires have sprung from its embrace; though in the past few hundred years some of the southern cities have formed the Kraldom of Erezsek, and sea raiders from Scamanhak occasionally join forces to pillage the coastlines. On the Lyr peninsula, an alliance of settlements within its marshy landscape has formed, but they are insular and seldom associate with outsiders.
     Hailed as the land of pigments and spices, Diskara was blessed with a warm climate, but cursed with a vast inland desert which devolves into a volcanic hellscape in the west. As such, most of the Rajdoms of Diskara are established along the coast. However, the sandy expanses did not stop humans from adapting and settling inland, and oasis cities like Jiiyi as well as nomadic sand tribes fill the Darih and Zydar Deserts.

     Across all of Arvos and Diskara, tales of lost empires echo amidst its folktales, while mysterious catacombs weave through its rocky crust. Carved with sculptures and patterns that bear no resemblance to any known culture, many scholars have tried to unveil the origins of these catacombs. Some say evil demons whom originally built the catacombs reside within them, and still others say that the tunnels hide portals to different dimensions. Many theories abound, but so far none have been verified beyond reasonable doubt.

     This is where our story begins.

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