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   Nunarsa is the formal, scholastic language of the continent of Arvos. It is learned by the upper class, healers, shamans, and other professions who would usually be literate. Almost all recordkeeping, poetry, and official correspondence is written in Nunarsa. 
   Like Arvosa, the common tongue of Arvos, and Diskarsa, the common tongue of Diskara, it shares roots with the ancient Ispolin language of Vyrasa, but Nunarsa had much more accurately preserved its Vyrasa characteristics.

Nunarsa has two writing systems- the basic phonetic alphabet, and the logographic writing system. Most words are simply spelled out with the phonetic alphabet; but some words, especially common nouns (such as words relating to family, common items, animals, and natural objects) can be written with a single logogram.

Phonetic Nunarsa alphabet
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