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 Nine years ago, a mysterious demon attack destroyed the hometown of Kazimir and Iskel. After fleeing the massacre, Kaz thought he had left his nightmares behind—until the same monsters resurface and kill again, slaying Yeomi’s adopted family. Kazimir, Yeomi, and Iskel thus set out to discover the truth behind the demons. However, the burdens of the past weigh heavily as they venture forth. 



Story, art, lettering: Irene Strychalski

Interior colors: Carlos Nicolas Zamudio

FIENDISH Chapter 2: Strangers

  • This book contains 66 story pages and 10 pages of extra content (including process sketches for the comic and bonus worldbuilding info). The book is perfect bound, with 80lb satin text interiors, and 100lb matte laminated cardstock covers.

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