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 After his hometown of Dorvo was destroyed, Kazimir is saved by the reclusive hunter Okhto and taken in as an apprentice. However, being Okhto's student is no easy task, and Kazimir is additionally tormented by the guilt of surviving the bloodshed that killed his family. Young Kazimir must discover how to overcome his trauma and, hopefully, find purpose in life again.


Survivor is the first standalone story to FIENDISH. It features 25 story pages and 4 pages of process sketches and worldbuilding content.



Story, layouts, lettering: Irene Strychalski

Pencils, inks: Michael Rushbrook

Colors: Jake Harold

FIENDISH Chapter 2.5: Survivor

Pre-orders expected to ship in April 2024
  • This book contains 25 story pages and bonus pages of process sketches and worldbuilding info. The book is floppy bound, with 80lb satin text interiors, and 100lb matte covers.

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