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Behold! A FIENDISH blog!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand spanking new FIENDISH website, and the new integrated blog that is coming along with it!

I'm super excited to have this new center for all my material for FIENDISH. I hope you enjoy it as well!

As some of you know, I have had a website for FIENDISH for quite a while, as a place to collect the extensive worldbuilding information I created for the comic. However, the last website was not capable of hosting extra functionalities such as a store, blog, or subscription service. That is why I switched to this current service- and as you can see, I now have all of those extra goodies!

*A momment of silence for my dear old website.*

My goal is to combine the various websites that I was previously spreading out my services for- including my Patreon (blog and subscription) and Storenvy (shop)- into one place.

If you have any worries about using a new service, please know that I am using the same manufacturing and fulfillment service- Printful- and they have already successfully fulfilled many orders from my Storenvy. All the FIENDISH products that I have on my Storenvy are mirrored here with the same price points; and, additionally, I have added some extra variants and new items that are exclusive to here only.

I am also hoping to eventually phase out my Patreon and transfer my main subscription service to this blog. The plan is to operate just like on Patreon- I will post exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots and early sneak peeks of material on the blog for subscribers every month.