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FIENDISH #2 and store update, FAQs!

Hello everyone!

The orders for FIENDISH #1 have absolutely been pouring in these past couple of weeks- so, first of all, thank you all so much for your support!

However, that does mean I'm scrambling a bit to catch up to store orders, as these FIENDISH #1 orders are shipped by myself instead of the fulfillment center. I am working hard to get all July orders shipped by the end of next week, though! So please be a little patient with me- and thank you again!

I am out of current inventory for FIENDISH #1, but upon request I have put the book back up for pre-orders, if anyone doesn't mind a wait. Please note that that means any orders going forward will have to wait for a reprint, with an estimated delivery date of September- which is when I plan to print the permanent cover for FIENDISH #2 (it will be easier for me to tack another order of #1 onto the #2 market cover print order).

And, yes, FIENDISH #2 will be available on the website after the crowdfunding campaign fulfills! I'll make another update when that does happen.

Now, for a campaign update!

I am excited to announce that all volumes for the FIENDISH #2 Indiegogo campaign have been printed, and are set to be shipped to the fulfillment center this week!

Production of the side merch is also well under way. The trading cards, free stickers for all backers, free prints, bookmarks, and canvas world maps are all complete.

The only items that are still lagging behind are the acrylic standees. Since I opted for double-sided printing and a new printing technique, a lot of fine tuning was required, both on my end and for the factory. However, I am happy to say that the last round of physical samples turned out great, and the standees are also off to production!

Once the standees are in, we can finish fulfilling the campaign through August.

I am truly so very excited to share this book with you. And, once again, thank you all for your continued and amazing support of FIENDISH!



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