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Website update, FIENDISH is now digital!

As FIENDISH 2.5 chugs its way through the press machines, I am working hard to expand the reach of the series and polish the website. Thus, FIENDISH is now available to read digitally!

Your first choice is through a reader on the FIENDISH site >

I have recently given the website a revamp, and you can now permanently access readers that contain full FIENDISH chapters with a one-time payment.

These chapter passes can be seen under the new "Passes" tab, or on each chapter's info page.

I have tried to set this function apart from other services by adding interactive bonus content. As you read the comic, tabs will appear that reveal process work and other extras that will hopefully be of interest!

Your second choice is to access the comic via GlobalComix >

GlobalComix is a digital comics platform. I have really enjoyed their interface so far, so I hope you can give their platform a look!

The current plan is to release the digital versions of each chapter after the physical print runs. I will stagger the digital releases far behind the physical to be fair to crowdfunding backers, but I do hope this provides an access point for a wider audience, and helps customers who don't collect physical books or who can't afford the current sky-high shipping rates.


As always, I am happy to hear your feedback, especially as I explore expanding FIENDISH in a way that customer enjoy. So let me know your thoughts!


Thank you for your continued support 🖤


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